ECG machine should be maintained on a regular basis
Nov 06, 2017

1 after the ECG is completed every day, the electrode should be kept clean. Copper alloy made of the electrode if the rust, can be used fine sandpaper to wipe off the rust, and then soaked with saline for a night, so that the surface of the film to form a stable performance. Silver-plated electrodes are washed and dried with water to avoid scratches on the silver-plated layer.

Lead cable core line or shielding easily broken, especially near the ends of the joint, do not force pull or twist, the collection should be a larger diameter ring or hanging, to avoid excessive distortion or sharp angle folding.

⒈3 AC and DC dual-use electrocardiogram machine, should be charged in a timely manner to extend battery life.

⒈4 ECG machine should avoid high temperature, sun, damp, dust or impact, cover the dust with the finished.

⒈5 every six months to open the lid for dust, wet and check. Remove the dust in the circuit board in time, ensure the internal drying of the machine, avoid the short circuit caused by damp or dust, damage the circuit board.

⒈6 by the Medical Equipment maintenance department to regularly detect the performance of ECG machine. The Heat pen record electrocardiogram machine should adjust the pressure and temperature of the hot pen according to the heat sensitivity of the paper and the speed of the paper. ECG machine in use often appear pseudo difference interference fault, serious will affect the normal ECG, should be timely troubleshooting.

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