Eval kit for blood pressure wearables
Apr 26, 2018

The PCB is based around a dedicated RL78 core-based chip (RL78/H1D) that includes the analogue functions needed for blood pressure measurement.

Reference software is included, as is graphical user interface (GUI) development tool.

The kit is intended to speed the development of personal blood pressure monitors, and the adding of blood pressure monitoring to wearable devices.

“The growth of this market offers new business opportunities, but can also be challenging, particularly for system manufacturers who are new to the connected healthcare device ecosystem and may not have the built-in application-specific expertise,” according to the firm. “Blood pressure measurement requires a specific expertise, including filtering functions for extracting the waveforms required for measurement, making it extremely time consuming to start studying this area from the very beginning.”

Wireless connection comes through a Bluetooth LE module which transmits measured data to a phone using the ‘Continua’ blood pressure monitoring profile.

The pressure sensor, pump, electronically controlled valve components, and pulse width modulation control can be set via the GUI, which can also simulate IIR digital filter calculations for extracting the pulse waveform from cuff pressure during blood pressure measurement. Digital filter constants deduced from the simulation can be written from the GUI tool to the RL78/H1D firmware, and then verified in the actual application under development.

“If the system structure is the same, the GUI tool can also be used for system evaluation of the actual application the system manufacturer is developing,” claimed Renesas.

The RL78/H1D chip is available with different memory sizes, for example the 128kbyte flash 80pin LQFP R5F11NMG, and includes: 24 bit delta-sigma ADCs, 10bit sequential comparison ADCs, programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers, DACs, and op-amps, as well as timers for PWM control. Samples are available now.

Further smart heathcare chips are planned.

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