Gas-Compressed atomizer has the following advantages
Nov 06, 2017

1, efficient oil-free piston compressors, atomization without cooling water, daily maintenance-free, easy to operate, the original medicine atomization, do not need to dilute, the clinical effect is good, almost no drug residues, high drug utilization;

2, the operation of more convenient, products with a 2-meter trachea, the scope of activities, sitting, lying can be used, atomization components lightweight, wear, hand-held convenient;

3, atomization using the original medicine atomization, in the relative treatment time inhaled the appropriate amount of atomization, not easy to cause the lining of the lining of the trachea, resulting in blockage of the trachea, atomized particles ultrafine, and not easy to collide with the combination of human inhalation comfort, and can enter the bronchi, lungs and other trachea, the clinical effect is excellent, especially suitable for lower respiratory disease treatment;

4, pure mechanical products, low failure rate, low maintenance costs, long service life, generally normal use of 5-10 years.

NET Type

Through the upper and lower vibrations of the vibrating oscillator, the liquid is extruded through the cavities of the nozzle type NET spray head,

NET Atomizer

The spray is sprayed with tiny ultrasonic vibrations and a mesh-type spray head.

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