Medical connector is ‘fool-proof’
Apr 27, 2018


Intended for medical systems, female panel mount connector is protected against the ingress of liquids, water splash and accidental electrical contact, said binder, and, when mated, protection is to IP54.

“Binder has designed the connector to be good for more than 5000 mating cycles which is sure to satisfy the operating requirements of most applications across the medical sector,” said the firm.

The connector has a PA66 plastic housing, 12 gold plated contacts for 0.25mm² wires and is rated at 2A 150V.

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SINO-K main products include Nebulizers and Compressors, and Monitors Accessories such as SpO2 sensors and cables, ECG/EKG cables, NIBP cuff and hoses, IBP adapter cables, Temperature probes, etc. 

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