photosensitive Sensors
Nov 06, 2017
Photosensitive sensor is one of the most common sensors, it has a wide variety, mainly: photoelectric tube, photomultiplier tube, photosensitive resistor, photosensitive transistor, solar cell, infrared sensor, ultraviolet sensor, optical fiber photoelectric sensor, color sensor, CCD and CMOS image sensor. Its sensitive wavelength is near the visible wavelength, including the infrared wavelength and the ultraviolet wavelength. Optical sensor is not only limited to the detection of light, it can also be used as a detection element to form other sensors, a lot of non-electric power to detect, as long as these non electricity conversion to the light signal changes can be. Optical sensor is one of the most widely used sensors, and it occupies a very important position in automatic control and non electric measurement technology. The simplest photosensitive sensor [2] is resistance, which generates an electric current when the photon impact junction.
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