Sensor and exhaust temperature sensor at room temperature
Nov 06, 2017

1. Room temperature sensor: room temperature sensor for measuring indoor and outdoor ambient temperatures,

The tube temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature of the evaporator and the tube wall of the condenser. Room temperature sensor and tube temperature sensor are different in shape, but the thermal characteristics are basically the same. According to the temperature characteristics, the use of the United States at room temperature temperature sensor has two types: 1. The constant b value is 4100k±3%, the reference resistance is 25 ℃ corresponding resistance 10kω±3%. In 0 ℃ and 55 ℃ corresponding resistance tolerance is about ±7%, and 0 ℃ below and 55 ℃ above, for different suppliers, resistance tolerance will be a certain difference. The higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance, the lower the temperature, the greater the resistance. The farther away from 25 ℃, the greater the corresponding resistance tolerance range.

2. Exhaust temperature sensor: The exhaust temperature sensor is used to measure the exhaust temperature at the top of the compressor, the constant b value is 3950k±3%, and the reference resistance is 90 ℃ corresponding to the Resistance 5kω±3%.

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