The function of intelligent sensor
Nov 06, 2017

The function of the intelligent sensor is to simulate the coordinated action of human senses and the brain,

Combined with the research and practical experience of testing technology for a long time. is a relatively independent intelligence unit, its appearance to the original hardware performance requirements have been reduced, and rely on software help can make the performance of the sensor greatly improved.

1, information storage and transmission-with the rapid development of the full intelligent Distributed Control System (Smartdistributedsystem), it is necessary to have the communication function for the intelligent unit and to communicate with each other in digital form, which is also one of the key symbols of smart sensor. The intelligent sensor realizes various functions by testing data transmission or receiving instructions. such as gain setting, compensation parameter setting, internal inspection parameter setting, test data output, etc.

2. Self-compensation and computing function-the engineers and technicians who have been engaged in sensor development for many years have been compensating for the temperature drift and output nonlinearity of the sensor, but they have not solved the problem fundamentally. The Self compensation and calculation function of intelligent sensor have opened up a new way for the temperature drift and non-linear compensation of sensor. In this way, to relax the precision of the sensor processing requirements, as long as it can ensure the repeatability of the sensor, using the microprocessor to test the signal through software calculation, using multiple fitting and differential calculation method to compensate for drift and nonlinearity, so as to obtain a more accurate measurement results pressure sensor.

3, self-test, self-school, self-diagnosis function-Regular sensor needs to be checked and calibrated to ensure that it is in normal use of sufficient accuracy, these work generally require the sensor from the use of the site to be removed to the laboratory or inspection Department. For the on-line measurement sensor abnormality can not be diagnosed in time. The use of smart sensors is a great improvement, first of all the self-diagnosis function when the power is connected to the self-test, diagnostic tests to determine whether the component is faulty. Second, according to the use of time can be corrected on-line, the microprocessor using the existence of EPROM measurement characteristics of data for comparison and proofreading.

4, complex sensitive function-to observe the natural phenomena around, common signal sound, light, electricity, heat, force, chemistry and so on. Sensitive elements are generally measured in two ways: direct and indirect measurements. But the intelligent sensor has the compound function, can simultaneously measure many kinds of physical quantity and the chemical quantity, gives the information which can reflect the material movement law more comprehensively.

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