Wire and cable industry level focuses on soft power
Nov 27, 2017

At present, China is the world's largest electric wire and cable producer, ranked first in the world and annual output is about RMB 700 billion. Wire and cable industry, support to the industrial economy is increasingly evident. According to statistics, almost more than 10 years, wire and cable industries output growth up to 15%, due to the impact of the financial crisis, slower growth in cable high speed, some industries, such as polysilicon overheated investment, repeat construction also sounded the alarm for the wire and cable industry, transformation and upgrading of industry is imperative. So, transformation and upgrading of the wire and cable industry what does that depend on? ‘emphasis on "soft power" is the key of improving, "soft power" has become the soul of enterprise competitiveness, is the real core competitiveness of enterprises. Standard is the industry standard short Board, both technical product performance and technical means of competition policy.

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