Wireless temperature Sensor
Nov 06, 2017

Wireless temperature

The wireless temperature sensor converts the temperature parameters of the control object into electrical signals, and transmits wireless signals to the receiving terminals to detect, regulate and control the system. Can be directly installed in the general industrial thermal Resistance, thermocouple junction box, and on-site sensor components to form an integrated structure. Usually with the wireless relay, receiving terminals, communication serial port, computer and other ancillary use, so not only to save the compensation wire and cable, but also reduce the signal transmission distortion and interference, resulting in high-precision measurement results.

Wireless temperature sensors are widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, electric power, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and other automation industries. For example: Temperature collection on high voltage cable, temperature collection of water and inferior environment, temperature collection on moving object, space transmission sensor data which is not easy to connect, simple data acquisition scheme for reducing wiring cost, data measurement without AC power, data measurement in portable non-stationary location.

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