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Brief Introduction Of Patient Monitor
Nov 03, 2017

A patient monitor is a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of a patient and can be compared with a known set value if an alarm is exceeded.

The monitor and the guardianship diagnostic instrument are different, it must 24-hour continuously monitor the patient's physiological parameter, check out the change tendency, point out the situation of the disaster, provide the basis for the doctor's emergency treatment and treatment, make the complication reduce to the minimum to alleviate and eliminate the illness.

The use of patient monitors, in addition to measuring and monitoring physiological parameters, also includes monitoring and treatment of medication and preoperative and postoperative conditions.

"Product efficacy" through the surface of the probe and guide line, cuff, noninvasive measurement of the human body parameters, through the monitor internal calculation and conversion, in the form of waveform and digital monitor on the screen display, can be through the keys and touch screen to monitor the monitoring device, monitoring parameters can be stored, monitoring the ECG can print output.

"Product description" monitor is suitable for medical and health care institutions for adults, ECG (ECG), respiration (RESP), body temperature (TEMP), pulse oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) and other vital signs in children and newborns are monitored, The monitoring information is displayed, reviewed, stored and output, and the anomaly monitoring signal can be alerted.

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