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Classification Of Electrocardiograph By Recorder
Nov 06, 2017

Recorder is the recording device of Electrocardiograph. For the analog ECG machine, the early use of the recorder is the disk spring for the back 0 torque of the dynamic loop recorder, the 90 's after the use of position feedback recorder. For digital electrocardiograph, the recorder is a heat-sensitive or dot-matrix printer.

1. Dynamic Coil Recorder: The structure principle of the movable coil recorder is a fixed magnetic circuit and a rotatable coil composed of a magnetic steel. The output signal of the ECG power amplifier is added to the coil of the recorder, and a record pen is fixed on the coil. The power amplifier outputs a current to the coil and the coil rotates when the signal output is intentional. When the deflection angle of the coil is at the same time as the back 0 moment of the disk spring, the deflection is stopped. In this way, the coil-driven recording pen records the ECG waveform on the record paper.

2, Position feedback Recorder: Position feedback recorder is a kind of recorder without mechanical back to 0 spring, special electronic circuit can play the role of 0 springs back. When the machine loses power, the recording pen of the position feedback recorder can be arbitrarily struck.

3, lattice heat-sensitive recorder: heat-sensitive recorder is the use of heated sintering on the ceramic substrate on the semiconductor plus hot spots, in the heat-colored heat-sensitive paper to iron out graphics and characters.

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