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Reusable Temperature Cable Temperature Monitoring
Dec 20, 2017

The temperature measurement cable is based on the characteristics of various storage tanks. With a beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, anti-strength, the use of closed manufacturing, long life, easy installation, sensitive and accurate features. To make Products to achieve integration, serialization, automation.

Introduction to editors

Uses: used to measure grain temperature, cotton cotton chop temperature, straw temperature.

Country of Origin: China

Editors of the food temperature line

How it works: temperature cable, divided into two kinds of analog and digital. Generally by the temperature sensor, wire, tensile wire rope and jacket composition. The temperature measurement cable contains at least one temperature sensor

Set N as needed. Analog temperature cable is included in the sensor output is an analog signal, if there are N sensors, there are N + 1 within the core line; and data-type temperature measurement cable is included in the transmission

The sensor is a sensor chip, the output is a digital signal, no matter how many sensor chips, the inner core is only 2 or 3. Temperature measuring cable generally have two kinds of appearance, a diameter for the round; another one Is flat, the sensor has a prominent protection section.

Temperature cable can be connected with the corresponding equipment to achieve long-range monitoring of computer, a wide range of temperature groups and changes in the situation can be widely used in various types of warehousing, agriculture, fisheries, mining and other preservation, Environment, operating equipment and other temperature monitoring, control system, the signal sensing system.

Operation method: connect the sensor and the host with the connecting cable, the instrument displays the temperature.

Repair and maintenance: If you have any problems, please return to the grain warehouse in Suzhou

Note: Note moisture, moisture

The characteristics of the sensor include: miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, multi-functional, systematic, network, it not only promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also may establish a new industry, thus becoming the 21st century new economic growth point. Miniaturization is based on micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, has been successfully applied in the silicon device made of silicon pressure sensor.

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